Tens of bilions of ads and clicks

One platform for all your campaigns - no data loss and correct couting guaranteed. Check our demo!


Eveyone is talking about it - we, instead of talking, really are USING it.

No data loss and
correct counting of
each and every click
Advanced scaling
to handle billions
of ad impressions
Technology we use
to collect, store
and analyse data
Stable solution
ready to serve your business


Eveyone is talking about it - we, instead of talking, really are USING it.

Real-time analytics
for faster and more accurate
business decisions

Human based decisions
on programmatic marketing

Mobile device-ready ads

Development process
that never stops

Innovation is the key!
We program marketing for you!

With our tool you're able to estimate your revenue and choose an optimum solution.
Check how it works

The network is learning for you

Its study your users behaviour, adjusting system
to different browsers and taking care
of your single ad and single click.


Our solution allows you to manage your budget
by many given criteria
(emission time, overall budget,daily budget, CPC)

Asynchronous ad code

Advanced technology prevents browser blocking
improving web latency
and causes both faster and proper ads display.
Mobile device ready code.


We have advanced antifraud filters. You can set of security filters protecting from bots, robots, fake trafiic, protect against strained clicks and from SPAM.

Cooperation with affiliates

You can receive click-code and display-code, issue
code prepared so that it can be placed on other networks.

White labeling

You can change your panel to suit both, your brand and domain.

comming soon


our system brings most
of undecided visitors
back to your website


Real-Time-Bidding module provided!

Specified advertising

Specific IP address-pool,cookie and
geo-targeting by region

Behaviour targeting

Profiling, segmentation.

This is only the beginning!
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